The birth of POGS Central Luzon Chapter came on the heels of the aftermath of the of the 1978 POGS Constitutional Convention which strengthened the formation of the regional chapters. Two well known energetic women leaders, Dr. Josefina de Venecia-Fernandez and Dr. Concepcion Payumo-Argonza, conceptualized the idea and guided the group, working very hard for its final realization. Chapter’s constitution and by-laws was drafted by then Vice President Dr. Jose R. Relacion and was presented for ratification at the chapter’s first scientific meeting in Balanga, Bataan in May 22, 1979. With the unstinted support by the POGS President Dr. Aquilino B. Esguerra and the Board of Directors, the Central Luzon Chapter was finally recognized and its Constitution and By-Laws approved on June 20, 1979.

The chapter consisted of 5 fellows and 31 associate members from the provinces of Bataan, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, Pangasinan, Tarlac and Zambales.

The First Regional Director and President was Dr. Josefina de Venecia-Fernandez and Vice President was Dr. Concepcion Payumo-Argonza. The alliance was such a great success that the chapter blossomed into full glory in so short a time bursting in the seams with its tremendous strength in the formulation and implementation of its programs because of the sincere cooperation and camaraderie among its coalition members. The leadership was transferred very smoothly from administrative year with outstanding presidents at the helm as: Dr. Josefina de Venecia-Fernandez (1979 – 1980), Dr. Concepcion Payumo-Argonza (1981-1982), Dr. Amelia Rivera-Guiao (1983-1984), Dr. Angelina Alarilla-Marcelo (1985-1986), and Dr. Librada Espiritu-Tablada (1987-1988).

The national organization’s psyche was finally awakened in 1988 to the realization that the geographical quirk of the Central Luzon Region must now be corrected. The 1988 Board of Trustees then decided to yank out Pangasinan from the region and return the province to its rightful jurisdiction, Region 1. This created some sense of loss for a dear ally. Nevertheless, the Central Luzon Region had to move on and survive. Somehow the cushioning element and the impetus came from the sustained leadership of Dr. Concepcion P. Argonza who was appointed Regional Director for Central Luzon from 1981 to 2011 interrupted only by appointments of Dr. Amelia R. Guiao in 1989, Dr. Salud Bagalso in 2002 and Dr. Benito M. Milla in 2005.

The brilliance of the chapter’s leaders that followed was definitely shown outstanding accomplishments. Among which are the relief operations during the Pinatubo and Ondoy calamities, two midyear conventions both held in Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, one in 1998, chaired by Dr. Teresita Ortin Oliver and the other one in 2004, chaired by Dr. Mithi C. Romero and the implementation of the national programs of the POGS.

WE have celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2004. All the enthusiastic and active members have bonded together and that is the secret of our accomplishments through the efforts of no less than our regional directors and chapter presidents.

In 2009, a chapter logo was created thru the effort of Dr. Jocelyn Co, the chapter president then and was launched in December 8, 2009 during the chapter’s Christmas Party, Induction of Officers and Birthday Celebration of our Regional Director, Dr. Concepcion Argonza. A logo that would signify all the undertakings of the chapter.

We are now on our 35th year of existence and still going and growing strong. At the present time we have 266 members and 21 more coming in as junior members.  We pledge ourselves to our society and try to be of service in our own little ways.

POGSCLC Regional Directors

1979 - 1981Dr. Josefina de Venecia
1981 - 1988Dr. Concepcion P. Argonza
1989Dr. Amelia R. Guiao
1990 - 2001Dr. Concepcion P. Argonza
2002Dr. Salud Bagalso
2003 - 2004Dr. Concepcion P. Argonza
2005Dr. Benito M. Milla
2006 - 2011Dr. Concepcion P. Argonza
2012Dr. Pressie T. Pascual-Eclarin
2013Dr. Concepcion P. Argonza
2014 - 2015Dr. Pressie T. Pascual-Eclarin

Chapter Presidents

1979 - 1980Dr. Josefina de Venecia-Fernandez
1981 - 1982Dr. Concepcion Payumo-Argonza
1983 - 1984Dr. Amelia Rivera-Guiao
1985 - 1986Dr. Angelina Alarilla-Marcelo
1987Dr. Librada Espiritu-Tablada
1988 - 1989Dr. Benito M. Milla
1990Dr. Raulin A. Dadural
1991 - 1992Dr. Agnes M. Gaddi
1993Dr. Benita Ching-Tan
1994 - 1995Dr. Salud A. Bagalso
1996Dr. Teresita Ortin-Oliver
1997Dr. Jimmy R. San Pedro
1998Dr. Teresita Ortin-Oliver
1999 - 2000Dr. Arlene Mata
2001 - 2002Dr. Linda T. Ordonez
2003Dr. Elizabeth B. Evangelista
2004Dr. Mithi Cruz Romero
2005Dr. Myra Villaroman
2006Dr. Irene Manalastas
2007Dr. Marlyn Wy
2008Dr. Amabel Mendoza
2009Dr. Jocelyn Co
2010Dr. Pressie T. Pascual-Eclarin
2011Dr. Suzette K. Munoz
2012Dr. Yamami B. Chan
2013Dr. Sonia D. Domingo
2014Dr. Rowena J. Labao
2015Dr. Leonora DG Medina

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